The History of 3 Oriental Rug Types

A Brief History of Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are known for their beauty and uniqueness. The use of these carpets dates back to ancient times when they were used to signify social status.

The term oriental rug is a Western term used to describe a variety of carpets woven in different parts of Asia.

These rugs have been around for centuries and are woven by hand or machine depending on the region and the period.

This article will provide all the information about oriental rug types and help you find the most suitable one online.

Oriental rug types:

There are four main types of oriental rugs on the market today: 

Persian Rugs, Turkish RugsIndian Rugsand Chinese Rugs.

Persian Rugs:

Persian rug is the most famous Oriental rug. Persian rugs originated in Persia.

The oldest surviving Persian rug dates to 1640, originating from the Safavid dynasty (1501-1722).

Persian rugs are made from wool, cotton, silk, or a combination of these materials. These carpets can be found in many different sizes and shapes depending on the region they come from.


Persian rugs are divided into:

  •  Tabriz: These are made in Iran and have an intricate design with a dark background. They are often expensive and can be seen in wealthy people's homes.

  •  Turkoman: These are from Turkmenistan and have a long history as they were woven by nomadic tribes who traveled through the region. They can be seen in homes from different periods and have been used as wall hangings for centuries.

    Machine-made Persian designs imitate expensive Persian rugs. Some people also call it a Persian rug imitation. It is a rug that is not created from wool, but made from cotton and synthetic fibers.

    Persian designs imitating expensive Persian rugs are usually in smaller sizes and have a more affordable price tag. It's because the production process of these rugs is much cheaper than the real ones.
    The designs of today's area rugs imitate expensive Persian rugs but also keep up with trends.

    Turkish Rugs:

    Turkish rugs have a long history. They have been used for centuries and are still popular today.

    The first known rug weaving was in the 3rd century B.C. The original Turkish rugs were woven by nomadic tribes on the Central Asian Steppes. They were mainly used as saddle blankets or to cover a tent floor.

    Turkish people began weaving rugs to provide homes with warmth and comfort as well as decorations for homes, mosques, and other buildings.

    Turkish rugs are traditionally hand-knotted, but there are also some machine-made rugs. The most popular Turkish rug types are:

    • Kilim (flat-woven)
    • Soumak (weft-faced)
    • Pileless (cut piles)
    • Alsace (nap on both sides)

        Indian Rugs:

        The earliest rug-making in India can be traced back to the 3rd century BC when the Persian emperor Darius invaded the Indus Valley.

        In the 19th century, British colonists introduced wool and cotton rugs to India.

        The Indian rug trade has grown exponentially in recent years due to increased demand for quality products and designs from affluent Indians who can afford them.

        Some popular Indian Oriental rug types include:

        • Jute rugs
        • Dhurrie rug
        • Nainsook rugs
        • Kilim rugs

        4 Things to Consider When Selecting Oriental Rugs

        If you want to buy an oriental rug but don't know where to start, here are some tips on how to find the most suitable rug for your home.

        1) Know what type of oriental rug you want.

        2) Find out the dimensions.

        3) Know how much you're willing to spend.

        4) Find a reputable dealer.

        Oriental rugs are one of the most striking and luxurious items in your home. They add an exotic feel to your place, making it look royal and elegant. Regardless of the trend, oriental rugs are like gold. They always add value to interior design. The average price of a rug starts at thousands of dollars and can rise up to tens thousands dollars plus depending on the quality of the rug and its size.

        Best Oriental Rugs on a Budget

        If you want to buy an oriental rug but don't want to spend thousands of dollars, the most suitable place to look is online. Buying an oriental rug online can be a very effective way of getting a high-quality product at a lower price.

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        The first thing to do is find out the rug size you need. This will help you determine the price and rug type you want.

        You can also look at some of the rugs on display and see if they are available in your desired size.

        If you are looking for an oriental rug that is not too expensive, you can buy a machine-made rug. These rugs are usually more affordable than hand-knotted rugs.

        Machine-made rugs are a great alternative to handmade rugs. They are very affordable, easy to maintain and can be used in any space in the home. 

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