What do I do after I start my return?

Now that you've initiated your return, follow the below steps;


Print the label: Arrange for the item to be returned using the carrier of your choice. (we recommend FedEx.) The return carrier of your choice should be sending you a link to your return label. Print the label.


Re-wrap your item if it isn't still wrapped: Unfortunately, shipping carriers won't ship loose/unpackaged items, so we do ask that you securely wrap your item(s), either in the original wrapping or a similar secure plastic. 

Click HERE for instructions on how to wrap your return.


Ensure that there are no other tracking labels attached to your package:

  1. Remove or cross out any existing shipping labels that may be attached to your item.
  2. Stick the return label on the package.
  3. Write the RA# clear and bold on the outer package next to the return label. 


Please drop off your package,  or arrange to have it picked up by the return carrier. 

Be sure to share the return tracking # with us. 

If you do have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing us at info@RugTrend.com