Removing bunching, creasing and folded corners

We understand creases and bunching can be a pain when receiving a new area rug. However, these are normal and will flatten within 2 -3 weeks as you begin to use your new rug. 


Use these tricks to help flatten your rug: 


Back Rolling: Roll the carpet out, then roll it back up reversely with the backside up. Let it sit rolled up reversely for a day or two or until it flattens out. 


Heavy Objects: Lay a piece of heavy furniture or objects on affected areas for a day or 2, or until it flattens out. If the corners are sticking up, curl them back and place heavy objects on affected areas going the opposite way. 



  1. Use this technique as a last resort only.
  2. Place the rug over a cleared concrete or area like a driveway or sidewalk setting during dry, sunny conditions.
  3. Allow the rug to be positioned for optimal sunlight as long as possible to give the rug time to absorb the sun's heat for up to 2 hours, but use more time if needed. 


Blow Dryer: If a large concrete patch with optimal sunlight is not accessible, flip the rug over and use a hairdryer to affected areas to heat the creases. Always hold the hairdryer 7 to 12 inches away from the rug going side to side on a medium setting, as heat can sometimes cause the backing to melt.