Preventing and Lifting Dents from Furniture

Here are some simple ways to prevent and minimize indentations caused by furniture and protect your new area rug: 


Furniture Coasters: This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to prevent dents in your rug if you know that furniture will be placed on top for long periods. 

Moving Your Furniture: Regularly rotating or moving your furniture will prevent damage and dents, even if it’s just a few inches to the side. 

Steam Cleaning: A more expensive solution and not recommended for all rug types, but for rugs that already have indentations, steaming the fibers will rejuvenate your rug and lift the imprints while also giving it an extra sheen.  

Combing: You may be able to get the fibers loosened and stand up by using a comb or edge of a coin. After loosening, vacuum the entire rug.